COVID Revolution: Webcast Shows Are Here to Stay

COVID revolution: shows broadcast on the web are here to stay

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Hybrid concerts held in front of an audience while being filmed, YouTubers sharing their music live, musicians from an orchestra rehearsing together from their living room; we will no doubt continue to see this kind of artistic performance in the future, believes Danick Trottier, professor of musicology at UQAM.

Many organizations that previously hesitated have entered the digital ball, such as the Orchester symphonique de Montréal, the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde and several festivals, he lists. “It was my boyfriend's first time in Arizona. could see my show live, ”says Mireille Camier, of the Conseil québécois du théâtre (CQT). In some cases, digital technology also allows a new interactivity with the public. Ms. Camier gives the example of a play that was presented on Zoom in front of a high school class in Sherbrooke. “The young people participated much more than if it had been in front of the class. The creators loved it. “Still, it's expensive to hire a film crew on top of production costs, nuance Rachel Morse, CQT co-chair.

For several creators, the digital was “taxing”. In addition, “the actors were bored of their audience”, abounds Mireille Camier. Because playing in front of a camera is not quite like playing in front of 100 people, and these new opportunities also come with risk, recalls Danick Trottier. From now on, the music lover has the choice between going to the opera in Montreal … or watching a high budget recording of the Berlin Philharmonic from his sofa.

La Covid turns our lives upside down, but not only negatively. In this dossier, Le Journal highlights the legacy that this virus will leave in our lives.

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