COVID wreaks havoc in CPEs and daycares

COVID wreaks havoc in CPEs and daycares


While schools are preparing to reopen their doors on Monday, many daycares have never closed and the effect of the Omicron variant is being felt in some of them.

A situation that causes headaches for many CPE managers who fear, among other things, a lack of staff.

The life of a daycare manager has not been easy since the last weeks. At the Milles pattes daycare center in Quebec City on Thursday, 35 out of 62 children were not present. 

While some parents prefer to keep their children at home, others are absent due to COVID .

At the Montessori Explorers daycare, also located in Quebec, three out of five groups had to be closed because of the Omicron variant.

One of the main fears of CPE managers is to miss of staff due to infections.

“Last night I had a board meeting and we discussed solutions and how to operate on the possibility of service failures. We are trying to find solutions,” says Julie Bédard-Rancourt, director general at the CPE aux Milles Pattes.

“I currently have 8 out of 20 educators who are absent in connection with COVID. Next week I hope to be able to maintain the service with the children. Some parents would like to come and help us, but it's really a headache,” says Sandra-Valérie Paquin, director of Les explorers Montessori daycare.

The confusion caused by the recent changes in instructions on the management of COVID cases also adds to the irritants.

Childcare establishments risk being under pressure, they who, at the start of the week, already accounted for a quarter of new outbreaks in Quebec.< /p>

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