Covid: Zurich hospital demands shutdown of the country

Covid: Zurich hospital demands shutdown of the country

The director of the Zurich hospital calls for stricter national measures in the face of the exponential development of the Covid-19 pandemic in Switzerland, asking for the shutdown of the country, reports the SonntagsZeitung on Sunday.

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“We need a national shutdown. We will not escape it ”, declared Gregor Zünd, director of the University Hospital of Zurich, quoted by the newspaper.

The official believes that from mid-December to mid-January, life in Switzerland should largely be brought to a halt, demanding the closure of shops, restaurants, museums and sports facilities. He also asks that skiing be prohibited and that the wearing of a mask compulsory everywhere.

According to the newspaper, the five university hospitals in Basel, Bern, Zurich, Lausanne and Geneva this week sent a letter to the Minister of Health to express “their great concern about the current situation”.

“The pressure on hospitals therefore remains high, and nurses are at their breaking point,” said the letter from the five hospitals which expect a third wave of the virus in January.

The health situation in Switzerland, which has one of the highest contamination rates in Europe, has never been so bad, with some 5,000 new cases per day against a few hundred during the first wave and a positive rate of testing which remains at levels far too high.

“I do not understand why the Federal Council (government, note) does not impose the extraordinary situation. What more is needed? “Asks the director of the Zurich hospital.

Despite the gravity of the situation, the government has in fact not re-established the “extraordinary situation” decreed during the first wave which enabled it to enact identical national measures in the 26 cantons.

Since the end of the first wave, the cantons have regained control of health policy, but not all have taken the measure of the emergency, in particular the German-speaking cantons, despite repeated calls from the government.

The latter also announced this week, after discussing it with the townships, the closure of restaurants and bars at 7:00 p.m. local time, until January 22.

These measures, however, aroused the discontent of some cantons, forcing the government to backtrack. Thus, in the cantons where the epidemiological evolution is favorable, the closing time is postponed to 11:00 p.m. local.

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