COVID0-19: 18 000 businesses would have to shut down in Quebec

COVID0-19: 18 000 entreprises pourraient fermer au Québec

The COVID-19 risk to take 158 000 SMES in Canada, of which 17 993 in Quebec. This is what reveals a study by the canadian Federation of independent business (CFIB) announced Wednesday morning.

It is, therefore, to say that a SME on seven risk of permanently close its doors due to the pandemic in Canada. It is feared further 158 000 closures of businesses (14 % of all SMES in the country).

Depending on the strength of the economic recovery, these figures could vary from 55 000 to 218 000 in the country.

“SMES are the lifeblood of the canadian economy. If we want an economic recovery successful can take place, it is necessary to avoid as much as possible these closures. Governments and consumers have a key role to play : they can ensure the new conditions in which SMES can survive and thrive,” said François Vincent, vice – president for Quebec at the CFIB.

In Canada, the most vulnerable sectors are those of the arts and recreation (gymnasiums, halls, arcades), as well as accommodation and catering (hotels, restaurants, caterers), the rates being, respectively, 30% and 27%.

Provincially, Alberta businesses are more likely to permanently close their doors, the figures occurring in an estimated average of 19 %.

“In Quebec, it is 17 993 SMES that are at risk of leaving permanently. With this number, you could fill the big arenas in Quebec city or the city of Montreal. It seems that we see our everyday life to return a bit to normal, but for small-business owners, the road is still long to go. In fact, while nearly three-quarters of SMES in québec are now fully open, only the third has revenues equal to or greater than the normal,” adds Mr Vincent.

The follow-up Table of the CFIB, including the results by province, shows similar results to the last week.

In Canada

• 62 % of SMES are fully open ;

• 37 % use their capacity of labour normal ;

• 26 % have found that their level of sales usual.

To support these SMES and avoid further closures, the CFIB has launched the campaign #JechoisisPME to encourage buying local.

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