Crash of a flight of Ukraine International Airlines in Iran: the content of the black boxes will be shared in July in Paris

Écrasement du vol d’Ukraine International Airlines en Iran: le contenu des boîtes noires sera partagé en juillet à Paris

Downloading data from the black boxes of the flight PS752 Ukraine International Airlines shot down by mistake in Iran on 8 January will take place in Paris in the week of 20 July, has confirmed the canadian government on Friday.

In total, 176 people have perished in the crash, including 55 canadian citizens and 30 permanent residents.

Canada and other countries who lost citizens in this tragedy, waiting for months to get the content of the flight recorders and talonnaient Iran – which leads the investigation – to have access to this information. The pandemic of COVID-19 has also delayed the sharing of the data, given the difficulties of travel from one country to the other these past few months.

The canadian minister of foreign Affairs, François-Philippe Champagne, and his colleague of Transport, Marc Garneau, were satisfied with the latest development in this folder.

“We welcome the announcement today [Friday] at the Council of the Organization of international civil aviation that Iran has finally formally agreed to remit, on 20 July, the flight data PS752 of Ukraine International Airlines to the Bureau of investigations and analyses for the safety of civil aviation of France, said the two canadian ministers in a press release. We will continue to ask for accounts to Iran and work to advocate in favour of accountability, transparency, justice and compensation for the victims of this tragedy, including an in-depth investigation, credible and transparent.”

The Office of the transportation safety board of Canada (TSB) has indicated to his side that he will participate in the downloading of the data recorders in Paris. “So a team of investigators specialized in downloading and analysis of data from recorders of aircraft will be dispatched to the scene, said the TSB. All health precautions will be taken to ensure that our investigators travel safely.”

The flight PS752 had been shot down by mistake by a surface to air missile in iran shortly after take-off from Tehran, the capital.

In the wake of the tragedy, Canada, Ukraine, Sweden, Afghanistan, and the United Kingdom have established the international coordination Group and to support the families of the victims of flight PS752, in order to”ensure the holding of a full inquiry and transparent about the causes of this crash fatal in order that families and their loved ones can get the answers they deserve,” can it be read on the website of the canadian department of foreign Affairs.

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