Crash of an A320 at Karachi: investigators still looking for one of the black boxes

Accident d’un A320 à Karachi: les enquêteurs toujours à la recherche d’une des boîtes noires

PARIS | investigators, including members of the Bureau d’enquêtes et d’analyses-French (BEA), were on Tuesday still searching for one of the black boxes of the Airbus A320 of the company of pakistan, PIA, which crashed Friday in Karachi, has announced the BEA.

The “Cockpit Voice Recorder”, which records conversations between the pilots and sounds in the aircraft, including any alarms, has not been recovered at this stage, ” says the BEA in a tweet.

The other flight recorder, the Flight Data Recorder”, which comes all the flight parameters (speed, altitude, engine speed, trajectory, etc), was recovered and forwarded to pakistani investigators, had announced Saturday evening the CEO of the airline, Arshad Malik.

Three investigators from the BEA, accompanied by six advisers of the manufacturer Airbus and engine manufacturer Safran, arrived Tuesday morning in Karachi to participate in the investigation conducted by the Bureau of investigations of pakistan, the AAIB. They should stay on the spot “about a week”, said the BEA to the AFP.

The device that took them, an A330 test Airbus made available by the manufacturer in the absence of commercial flights due to the closure of the borders related to the epidemic of COVID-19, is off to Toulouse.

The A320 Pakistan International Airlines had been flying between Lahore and Karachi, and crashed Friday on a residential area during a second landing attempt, after a first attempt aborted, killing 97 of the 99 persons on board, including eight crew members.

The cabin of the aircraft crashed in a street, and parts of the device are found embedded in buildings, weakening some structures.

The BEA French became involved in the investigation as an “accredited representative” of the State of design of the aircraft.

The laboratory carrying out the analysis of the black boxes has not been determined at this stage. This analysis could, if necessary, be carried out by the BEA, whose skills are recognised at international level.

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