Crawl : what would you do in the face of a giant crocodile ? An extract stunning !

An extract from a Crawl.

The summer of 2019 will be the thrill. After Chucky and Annabelle, that is a whole other kind of monster that is about to terrorize our screens as early as 24 July. Imagine being trapped in the basement of a house during a hurricane with crocodiles ! This is the pitch of Crawl of Alexandre Aja. And as much as to say that this film will have you taping on your chair.

There are films that one can see on the screen of the computer or on his tv. And there are others that require the experience of the big screen at the cinema. Crawl is one of those. Scary, primal, terrifying, the new movie ofAlexandre Aja (the Hill have eyes, High Tension, Piranha 3D) acts as a roller coaster of thrills for 90 minutes.

Kaya Scodelario from crocodiles

Preceded by rave reviews in the United States, Crawl up Kaya Scodelario (Maze, Pirates of the Caribbean 5, series Skins) in the face of fearsome alligators in Florida. But this is not the only danger, since it is blocked with his father in a house while a hurricane Force 5 raging outside. Crawl’s a mixture of survival, the monster movie and disaster movie. “I really want to return to a cinema of fear, pure fear, of pure suspense, to something close to High Tension and the hills have eyes which have been my first films of terror.” we explained Alexandre Aja. Successful bet. Evidenced by this excerpt in our slideshow above.

The horror movie of this summer

Has the international, Crawl seduced critics and fans of the horror genre. The film has already nearly doubled its budget in box office revenue in the United States. For Drew Taylor’s website Moviefone : “Crawl is the horror movie of this summer.”. Erik David is highly respected Fandango has published : “Crawl adds even more to a summer rich in horror films in delivering everything that we want to see in a movie where the characters are stuck in a basement with the alligators. It is scary and exciting, the murders of fierce, the pace tonic and Kaye Scodelario is totally invested.” Michael Reyes of Cinemablend liu advance that Crawl “is fast, vicious, nasty and a roller coaster of sensations of summer“.

Crawl to the cinema as early as 24 July.

Crawl : que feriez-vous face à un crocodile géant ? Un extrait bluffant !

Crawl Alexandre Aja at the film on July 24.

Crawl : que feriez-vous face à un crocodile géant ? Un extrait bluffant !

Crawl Alexandre Aja at the film on July 24.

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