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crazy about ice cream

Crazy for ice cream


In an ice cream sundae, on a cone, coated in chocolate, in a coffee, between two cookies, inside a pancake, on a cake, in a smoothie… What is your favorite way to enjoy ice cream? 


Some will say they love it anyway, especially when it's homemade. The Ankarsrum ice cream machine allows you to control the ingredients that make up this delight while experimenting with lots of flavors! Even the ones you would never have dared to taste. Simply place its container in the freezer for about 24 hours before adding the necessary ingredients and turning on the machine to obtain 1.5 liters of ready-to-eat ice cream. 

< strong> > $199.95 


For the most addicted, ice cream accompanies all desserts! Cakes, brownies, pies, crisps, and why not a fruit salad? This superior quality mold (10 cups) in very thick aluminum allows you to prepare cupcakes in the shape of a cone. All you have to do is add a scoop of ice cream (or more!) on top and this dessert is ready to serve. Here's a tempting idea to celebrate a birthday > $49.95  

Well hit

By mixing ice cream with milk and fruit coulis, for example, you get a fresh and delicious smoothie. For a result worthy of snack-bars, this device has retro-style milkshake, with its stainless steel mug and two speeds, is your ally. After pouring this drink into a glass, it is not forbidden to top it with whipped cream, a cherry and a few pieces of chocolate. > $59.95 

One, two, three balls

The cone remains a summer staple! Maximize that fun by concocting the waffle cone that will hold the many stacked scoops of ice cream yourself, using this Brentwood portable waffle maker. Its cooking surface measures 18 cm in diameter and it is possible to adjust its temperature. The unit has a lockable lid, non-slip base, and can be stored upright. Cone roller included. > $59.97 

With toppings

There is no shortage of toppings that sometimes make ice cream sundaes look gargantuan. Coulis, nuts, candies, whipped cream, fruit, cookie pieces, jam, maple syrup, chocolate and even pretzels are welcome. In this divinely decorated romantic pink glass dessert cup, create a masterpiece of indulgence! Your imagination and your appetite will be your only limits. > $9.50 each

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