Created artificial leaf capable of photosynthesis

Создан искусственный лист, способный к фотосинтезу

In the future, such a development can change the world.

Scientists have created a system of artificial photosynthesis that can use carbon dioxide from the air and not in liquid form. The achievement gives hope for the imminent release of such developments from the laboratory. The results were published in the journal ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, reports the with reference to

Artificial leaf is designed by scientists of the system that implement similar to natural photosynthesis processes. As a result of their work, as well as plants from water and carbon dioxide using energy from sunlight get hydrocarbons and oxygen. However, so far all the implementations worked only in the laboratory, as it was designed for the use of purified carbon dioxide from cylinders under pressure.

Many researchers hope that the widespread use of this technology in the future may help to reduce the CO2 concentration in the air that will help to fight climate change. In the new work, staff at the University of Illinois in Chicago suggested a new modification of the artificial leaf, which can like plants to absorb carbon dioxide directly from the air, and turns it into fuel at least 10 times more efficient than natural systems.

To do this, the scientists placed a photosynthetic system into a water-filled transparent capsule of resin on the basis of Quaternary ammonium compounds, i.e., substances in which four organic residue attached to the nitrogen. This design provided the ability to evaporation of water during heating light, which when passing through the membrane resulted in selective capture of carbon dioxide from the air.

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