Created “smart” glasses with audio augmented reality

Созданы "умные" очки со звуковой дополненной реальностью

Bose has introduced glasses with audio augmented realityKnown American manufacturer of audio equipment Bose is experimenting with augmented reality. The company introduced the AR glasses Frames, but they interact with the user via the visual channel, and through the sounds, writes the with reference to Internetua

Due to the lack of sophisticated projection systems, Bose managed to keep the form absolutely usual points. Unlike, for example, Magic Leap, the user Frames won’t look ridiculous. But wow-effect, too, of course not. In fact, Siri is built into the temples regular glasses and reinforced with additional technologies.

For example, in the voice AR-glasses is dematiaceous sensor that determines the position and the direction of movement of the person. Together with GPS on a smartphone the system is able to build routes.

Bose did not use the technology of bone conduction to transmit sound in the ears also do not have anything to paste.

At the ends of the temples have a small grating, behind them dynamics. This is enough for playing audio files, but to interact with an AI assistant gadget will not work.

The device will be available in U.S. stores in early 2019. Spring will be sold in other countries. Price points – $199.

A single charge will last for 3.5 hours of active work and 12 hours in standby mode. The company said that in the future for audio points will be available for different content, such as training and travel programs and even games.

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