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Intel Xeon Platinum 8284 has impressive features and a shocking price

Evgeniy Opanasenko

20 Jul, 08:24

Создан процессор за полмиллиона гривен: на что он способен

Cost Xeon Platinum 8284 is 15460 dollars

Intel is now preparing to represent the tenth generation of desktop processors for home computers, however, announced a server-side model called the Xeon Platinum 8284. The product has impressive features and a shocking price.

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The flagship Xeon processor Platinum 8284 has a 28-cores with Hyper-Threading (56 streams) that run at a base frequency of 3 GHz (with turbo buttom to 4 GHz). The chip includes a cache-memory 38,5 MB, six-channel memory controller that supports up to 1 TB of RAM DDR4-2933 with ECC, 48 lanes of PCIe 3.0, and more.

Создан процессор за полмиллиона гривен: на что он способен

Price list of the cost of Intel processors

Cost Xeon Platinum 8284 generation Cascade Lake is 15460 dollars (almost 400 thousand hryvnias). And it is more powerful than model Xeon Platinum 8280 only 300 MHz, it was more expensive by as much as $ 5,500. Moreover, server flagship Intel has heat in the amount of 240 watts TDP. The figure is very demanding on the cooling system, as the maximum allowable CPU temperature is only 65 degrees Celsius, compared to the Xeon Platinum 8280, whose higher limit is 84 degrees (TDP 205).

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Xeon Platinum 8284 is not mentioned in the price list Intel and is not included in the list of Cascade Lake to Intel ARK database, but it can be ordered only if the buyer knows the exact name. This usually means that the processor was a limited edition for individual order. However, it is possible that in addition to higher clock frequencies, this “semi-custom” processor may have functions beyond this, which could explain the huge difference in price compared with the model 8280.

It is also worth noting that Xeon 8284 Platinum is the most expensive in the line of Intel. Model Xeon Platinum 8280L has the highest price tag on 2019 – 17906 dollars (460 thousand hryvnias).

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