Created the world’s first viable artificial light

Созданы первые в мире жизнеспособные искусственные легкие

Scientists at the University of Texas at Galveston first raised the light and successfully transplanted them into pigs who have lived a few weeks after transplantation. According to the publication Science News, scientists using a mixture of detergent and sugar separated the cells from the lungs of pigs donor, the result of which was a 3D frame of intercellular proteins. In it and grow a culture of cells isolated from animals-recipients.

Lungs were grown for 30 days in a special tank filled with nutrient solution (see photo). Then the finished organs transplanted four pigs. Each animal had replaced the left lung.

Experts report that in the transplanted organs developed healthy blood vessels. This is what contributed to the fact that the light is stuck.

The first beast killed 10 hours after the operation, the second in two weeks, the third in a month, fourth in two months after surgery. To assess how well accustomed the bodies, the autopsy was performed. None of the animals have not found signs of organ rejection, despite the fact that scientists did not give the pigs immunosuppressants.

However, artificial organs and did not connect with the pulmonary arteries and, therefore, was not functional.

Scientists hope to improve the method, in the future, artificially grown lungs can be transplanted to man.

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