Creation of Pôle Québec logistics

Creation of Pôle Québec logistics

About twenty players in the transport of goods have come together to create a new grouping, Pôle Québec logistics (PQL), one of the objectives of which is to increase the competitiveness of the players involved.

This grouping wishes to highlight the competitive advantages of the logistics chain in Eastern Quebec. According to Pierre Dolbec, who acts as president of the group, there are several ports along the St. Lawrence River that are underutilized.

“This is the case when a boat passes in front of Matane without stopping, while it is transporting merchandise intended to be delivered there. Once in Quebec, the boat is unloaded and the goods are put on a truck-trailer which makes the trip in the opposite direction ”, illustrates Mr. Dolbec by way of example.

“If we manage to achieve better coordination, we reduce transport costs and improve our environmental record,” he says.

PQL brings together players from the rail, sea and land transport industry. Quebec’s Jean-Lesage International Airport is also part of it.

Aware of the problem

“We are 22 companies and organizations in the grouping. We’ve been working on putting this in place for a year and a half, ”he explained.

“We are very aware that we will not settle everything 100%, but if we do nothing, in 15 years, the river will still be underused. “

Mr. Dolbec compares PQL with CargoM, in Montreal, whose mission is also to bring together logistics and freight transport players to increase cohesion and competitiveness.

“The day we start talking to each other and exchanging information, it will work,” said Mr. Dolbec.

Pôle Québec Logistics also intends to offer adapted solutions to tackle the labor shortage that is hitting the freight transport industry hard.

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