Creepy and scary: there are details and a trailer for the continuation of the series “the Terror”

The creators of the project decided to make the series is not a continuation of, and anthology

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Жутко и страшно: появились подробности и трейлер продолжения сериала "Террор"

Frame from the movie “the Terror”

Less than a month left before the premiere of the second season of “the Terror”, the Executive producer of which were made by Ridley Scott. The first season of “the Terror” AMC told the real story of the missing Arctic expedition of two British ships, the “Terror” and “Erebus”. Expedition are lost, and died, but nobody knows how to.

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This gap was filled by Dan Simmons, who wrote the mystery Thriller “the Terror”, which formed the basis of the series of 2018 Jared Harris (Professor Legasov of the “Chernobyl”) in the title role. Put bold cross on the successful project nobody wanted, and the creators decided to make the film not a sequel and anthology. It was decided to leave the evil spirit that terrorizes people in a confined space.

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Thus was born the idea to move events in the hundred years since the first season, the place of history it was decided to leave the North American continent, but far to the South – West coast of the United States, where he had a camp for the internment of Japanese-Americans. In the camp one after it happens a few strange deaths, and blame them, looks like some kind of evil spirit youkai.

In the trailer for the second season, you can see the horrific images, the demon possessed and ghosts. The premiere of the second season of “the Terror” will be held on August 12, 2019.

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