Creepy UFO: strange lights in the sky scared witnesses

Climatologists calm witnesses, explaining the lights rare atmospheric phenomenon

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 07:35

Жуткий НЛО: странные огни в небе напугали очевидцев

The spooky phenomenon found a simple explanation – this is a rare atmospheric phenomenon

Over the American state of Oklahoma witnesses recorded strange lights in the sky that eerily frightened witnesses mistook them for UFOs. This phenomenon was captured in front of a powerful thunderstorm and was accompanied by bright flashes of red.

Climatologists have reassured local residents, explaining the appearance of the lights is a rare phenomenon called a sprite. Sprites are electrical discharges of cold plasma, reminiscent of lightning in the mesosphere. They can appear when very strong thunderstorms at high altitude from 50 to 130 kilometers.

Sprites occur in fractions of a second after strong lightning discharges in the atmosphere and lasts a matter of milliseconds. The phenomenon is extremely rare, so the sprite — a great success for the photographer.

The sprites are so huge that they can stretch to a distance of 50 kilometers. Ufologists and conspiracy theorists often take them for UFOs.

An experienced hunter for the mysterious atmospheric phenomena Paul Smith proud of these pictures because he for the first time managed to fix two of these sprites: columnar and medetomodine.

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