Crime on the rise: Trump and democrats écharpent on sending federal agents

Criminalité en hausse: Trump et démocrates s’écharpent sur l’envoi d’agents fédéraux

Donald Trump will send there federal police officers in New York and other bastions of democrats facing an outbreak of crime? Arm wrestling is committed, including with his hometown, while the republican president has made the return of “the order” as one of its slogans for the November presidential.

The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, protested on Tuesday against the threat aloft the previous day by the american president to send federal forces in the capital of the american economy.

If Mr. Trump would send federal agents, “it would only add to the problems” and “we attaquerions immediately in court to stop it,” said the mayor at a press briefing.

“It would be a new example of the illegal measures and unconstitutional taken by the president,” he added.

The previous day, the mayors, democrats Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, Kansas City and the federal capital Washington had sent a letter to the american minister of Justice, William Barr, and the director of the ministry of National Security, Chad Wolf, to oppose the “unilateral deployment” of the federal forces in their cities.

In the United States, municipalities are in principle in charge of the methods used in the face of crime.

Returning to the question of sending these last days of federal police officers in Portland, Oregon – where officers, in camouflage uniform and without a badge of identification, arrests challenged – the mayors felt that their interventions had contributed to “an escalation” of tensions, and compared the method to “tactics used by authoritarian regimes”.

The leader of the democrats in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has even compared the federal agents to “assault units”.

“Leftists” lax

But the chairman, much criticized for its handling of the pandemic, and ahead in the latest polls by his rival, democrat Joe Biden, has made the return of “law and order” as a campaign slogan, to three and a half months of the presidential election.

His government rejects any accusation of abuse of power: his boss of homeland Security has justified Tuesday, sending agents to Portland by the need to protect some of the federal buildings of the city targeted for days by protesters.

“If we were not there, they burn the building,” said Chad Wolf. He has called the protesters “violent” anarchists”, and denounced the inaction of local officials in the face of them.

The subject is the bearer for the republican cause, in a context of outbreaks of urban violence in the wake of the protests against the police brutality that followed the death of George Floyd at the end of may.

“We’re not going to drop in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit and Baltimore,” said Donald Trump on Monday, calling their elected democrats of “leftist radicals” lax.

It was in Chicago, a city the crime is rampant and where the president has deemed the situation as “worse than Afghanistan”, as federal agents are expected to arrive quickly, according to the mayor, a democrat Lori Lightfoot.

Initially wind standing against this possibility, the mayor has adopted a more conciliatory tone on Tuesday evening, stating they have obtained insurance under which federal agents would only be to strengthen the federal agencies that are already present in the city.

“From what I understand, it is that we will receive additional resources,” said the mayor. “We have information according to which it will not be a deployment in the style of Portland”.

A new episode of armed violence took place Tuesday in Chicago, where fourteen people were injured in a shooting at funerals, has announced the police.

A car “has started to shoot the participants at a funeral” which, in turn, have opened fire on the vehicle, said a police official.

After a steady decline since the mid-1990s, New York city, where Donald Trump made a fortune, has also seen a crime to leave this year, especially since June – with shootings and murders, an increase of respectively 60% and 23% since January.

The metropolis has the largest municipal police force in the country, with 36,000 officers. But many of them have criticised the reforms introduced after the protests, “Black Lives Matter” (The life of Blacks account) to reduce police brutality, and their morale is at the lowest, according to some officials.

For mayor Bill de Blasio, the threat of Donald Trump to send additional officers could not be that of the “bluff”. But even if it passed the act, their impact would be “minimal”.

“This would only add to the pain and confusion, may be this is what (Mr. Trump) wants,” he said on Tuesday.

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