Crimean bridge built in the “hellish place”, — the Russian scientist

Крымский мост построили в "адском месте", — российский ученый

The Crimean bridge is built in a “hellish place” from the point of view of Geology and will stay until the first natural disaster. This opinion was expressed by senior researcher of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of water problems Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Medovar.

“Geological conditions in the Kerch Strait are such that it is impossible to build anything. There is such a thing as building regulations that cannot be broken. These Snips until 2017, it was stated that the construction of arch bridges in earthquake zones, which include the Crimea, only on a rock Foundation. And here is a semi-solid Maikop clays, which do not hold the load, “explained Medovar, the TV channel ZIK.

This bridge… I’m just scared that everything up to the first natural disaster, and then it will be possible to put a cross… the bridge was a purely political decision. Not economic and is not advisable, “said he.

According to the scientist, the construction site of the bridge contains all the potential causes of natural disasters related to geological structure of the crust. “I’m not talking about the volcanoes, about the earthquake. Everything is possible — geothermal problems, temperature regime, ice. Everything you can — this place has. Now, if there is a concept of “hell”, let’s assume that this is hell. All there assembled, all negative, all negative, and we have a bridge built there, “—said the scientist.

As previously reported “FACTS”, may 15, invaders in the Crimea, opened with fanfare on the automobile part of the bridge across the Kerch Strait. Ukrainian law enforcers have already stated that the facility violates the requirements of the Water code of Ukraine and norms of international law. Also the bridge is a serious threat to the ecology of the Black and Azov seas: possible pollution, disruption of the natural reproduction of aquatic bioresources and their destruction.

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