Crimean Bridge: “It's a declaration of war without rules”

Crimean Bridge: “This is an unrequited declaration of war ;rules»


The reactions of Russian personalities are multiplying a few hours after the explosion which damaged the bridge connecting Russia to Crimea, this peninsula annexed by Moscow. 

The Crimean Bridge was inaugurated in 2018 by none other than Vladimir Putin. This road infrastructure is the only one connecting mainland Russia and Crimea.

The Russian news agency RIA Novosti collected the comments of influential deputies and senators in Russia on the event which took place in the early morning.

State Duma deputy Oleg Morozov describes the tragedy of “terrorist attack”.

“The terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge is no longer just a challenge, it is a declaration of war without rules”, he underlines.

A Russian senator also assured that Russia will proceed with an “adequate response”.

< p>“There is no doubt that the Russian Federation will provide an adequate, conscious, and possibly asymmetrical response to the emergency on the Crimean bridge,” he said.

Crimean Bridge: “This is a declaration of war without rules»

Crimean Bridge: “It’s a declaration of war without rules

Via the social network Telegram, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also reacted to the incident.

“The Kyiv regime's reaction to the destruction of civilian infrastructure shows its terrorist nature,” said Maria Zakharova.

According to the latest report, the explosion of the truck killed 3 people and caused significant infrastructure damage.