Criminal minds season 15 : Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) back to the end of the series ?

Esprits Criminels saison 15 : Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) de retour pour la fin de la série ?

Criminal minds season 15 : Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) back to the end of the series ?

After long months of waiting, the season 15 of Criminal Minds will begin this Wednesday, January 8, on CBS in the USA. And while the next few episodes will conclude the series, the showrunneuse if it is assigned on the ability to find Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) on the screen. Attention spoilers.

Derek back ?

This Wednesday, January 8, will mark the beginning of the broadcast of season 15 of Criminal Minds, which will also be the last of the series. And while many fans are wondering about the future love JJ and Reid in the next to the last episode in date, Erica Messer (the showrunneuse) preferred to answer another question.

When asked by TVLine about the possibility of seeing Derek Morgan (present in the casting during 11 seasons) in the company of his ex-colleagues to conclude in beauty the fiction police, the designer has, unfortunately, been shown to a negative : “people often ask me if Shemar Moore will return as Derek’s, but the answer is no.” A disappointment ? Yes, but a situation logic : “It is currently very busy with the series SWAT“.

A beautiful blink of an eye

Nevertheless, the showrunneuse was then clarified, tributes to the cult characters, there will be : “I wanted to be able to pay tribute to the history of the series, especially in this final, and I managed in a different way.” Without ever giving too much away, Erica Messer has promised a blink of an eye very particular, which should make the happiness of all the world : “We had this amazing flashback on the finale of season 1, and it makes me smile every time I see it, because no member of the team of the time is not yet present, with the exception of Reid. It is a gift to all those who follow us for all these years“.

A hope to see Hotch ? To be continued…

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