Criminal minds season 15 : JJ and Reid as a couple after episode 1 ? The answer !

Esprits Criminels saison 15 : JJ et Reid en couple après l'épisode 1 ? La réponse !

Criminal minds season 15 : JJ and Reid as a couple or not after episode 1 ?

This is the beginning of the end for Criminal Minds : Wednesday, January 8, 2020, CBS launched in the United States episode 1 of season 15 which is the last of the series. That happened after the declaration of love from JJ to Reid at the end of the season 14 ? They put in a couple ? Check out the answer if you don’t have the patience to wait for the broadcast on TF1. Attention, spoilers !

The surveys were soon completed for the members of the BAU. Season 15, Criminal Minds, consisting of 10 episodes, will be the last and will be unfortunately without Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan) who has not been able to make herself available to resume his role. The drama should still be at the rendezvous ! Remember, at the end of season 14, when she was in danger of death, DD declared her love to Reid.

What’s next for JJ and Reid ?

Following the broadcast of this episode, several theories have emerged on the web. Some people thought that JJ (AJ Cook) had made a false statement to save his skin and that of Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler)… but this is not the case ! The first episode of season 15 ofCriminal Minds has shown that : while she was convalescing, DD explained to his colleague and friend that she was in love with him. “You were my first love and I will always love you” she said. But if you are against this couple, don’t worry : DD is also in love with her husband, Will, and she and Reid decided to stay just friends.

Can they put in a couple the following ?

Interviewed by TV, the showrunner ofCriminal Minds, Erica Messer is back on this plot. And it would seem that things do not change between JJ and Reid. “There will never be discussion about this as they have discussed it in episode 1 but there will be kinds of looks and moments until the end,” she confided. Proof : Reid will soon meet a new young woman played by Rachel Leigh Cook. “This is our version of giving a chance to Reid for a love story (…) I think that creatively, we wanted to follow this path with him, but réalistiquement, introduce a new suitor is difficult“. added the showrunner. This new character will make its appearance in the episode scheduled for January 22, next.

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