Criminal prosecution against Lacroix

Poursuite pénale contre Lacroix

The financial markets Authority commences a criminal prosecution against Dominic Lacroix and two partners. The AMF criticised for having made an illegal distribution of securities in the framework of the project of cryptomonnaie PlexCoin.

Another tile falls on the businessman.

The most recent lawsuit includes seven counts in the place of Dominic Lacroix, Sabrina Paradise-Royer, and Yan Ouellet for various offences related to the activities of illegal distribution.

False information

More specifically, the Authority alleges that Dominic Lacroix have made investments without a prospectus, and provided false or misleading information during operations on values.

The Authority complains that Sabrina Paradise-Royer, and Yan Ouellet of having made investments without a prospectus during operations on values in the framework of the project PlexCoin.

Between July 2017 and may 2018, the AMF intervened before the administrative Tribunal of the financial markets in this matter and has obtained, in particular, the orders for blocking of personal assets, bank accounts and cryptomonnaies owned or under the control of Dominic Lacroix.

In the course of its investigation, the AMF has requested the collaboration of the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States and obtained the appointment of a provisional administrator with a mandate to proceed with the redistribution to the investors of the sums seized or blocked.

Revenue agency

The creator of the PlexCoin is also the target of the Canada revenue Agency, which asks for nearly$8.8 Million.

In December 2019, it was the turn of the CIBC Bank to initiate procedures to seize one of his homes due to a mortgage’s monthly 8027 $ unpaid for months. The initial loan was$ 1.8 Million.

For nearly three years, Dominic Lacroix and his wife are struggling with legal problems against the AMF.

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