Crisis and change of coach: Nîmes Olympique, from losing to victory… and maintaining ?

Crisis and change of coach: Nîmes Olympique, from losing to victory... and maintaining ?

Adil Hermach, ce mercredi au milieu de ses joueurs et de son staff à l’entraînement, indique la direction à suivre. MIDI LIBRE – E. DZ.

National/29e journée. Avant la réception de Versailles, vendredi 12 avril à 19 h 30 aux Antonins, le club croco a enfin commenté l’actualité…

“Nîmes Olympique will organize a press conference on Wednesday to comment on the news. Signed: the Nîmes Olympique club.” The day before yesterday, the surrealist press release was highlighted by the French Federation of Lose (bad luck, defeat).

Yesterday, the long-awaited moment took place at the Bastide. Hoping, with a sports director who has made a decision and a new coach who has faith, that the Crocos will find success, victory and remain in the National.

Sébastien Larcier on the front line

He asked questions this weekend, spoke with Frédéric Bompard, with Rani Assaf, with Adil Hermach. "It’It was the match at Épinal (2-1 defeat on Friday, Editor's note) which was the trigger. I saw an inactive team and I felt weariness in the group, and in the state of mind. I talked with Fred, then I had to decide. It was me who made the decision, in agreement with my management. It was a very difficult moment for him and for me, because you know how much we were linked", confided Sébastien Larcier, sports director at the end of his contract in June but who is would like to stay at the club.

From then on, with barely six days remaining, someone was needed who already knew the team. "Adil (Hermach) was the right person to take over for this short period. I have been around him for ten months, I see the relationship he has with his group, that of the reserve, the proximity, the demand, his game plan too, and its positive side. We feel the energy around and behind him", the DS justified. Who believes in his team (and therefore in his recruitment) with the idea that it was underperforming until now.

Adil Hermach as local savior

Finalist of the Gambardella with Nîmes in 2004, end of a (great) playing career in 2020 in Beaucaire, return to NO in 2021 as coach of the U16s, then the U18s and the reserve& ;nbsp;: Adil Hermach, who will be 38 years old in June, is a child of the Gard region. He was even president of the AEC Saint-Gilles in 2013.

"I learned football in Nîmes before leaving for Lens, he recalled. As a coach, I will do with the pros what I learned: I love the ball, and I love running. All with the DNA of this special city. I saw all the matches, at the Antonins and those away. I think we have a very good team: few of our opponents' players would start with us. I would have preferred the team to stay with Frédéric Bompard, who did a very good job before it became more difficult. I will try to bring back positivity and confidence. She can score goals from 30 meters. While there, currently, we have offensive waste within 6 meters… We're a bit in trouble, but of course it's possible to maintain it!"

Rani Assaf as absent subscriber

Not seen for almost a year at the Antonins on match nights, the president was not there for the induction of Adil Hermach this Wednesday. And did not speak with his new coach, the sixth in eight years.

Rani “Fantômassaf” is "worried about the situation, but he validated the change and trusts Adil and me to maintain the club in National", specified Sébastien Larcier. According to our sources, the CEO of the Crocos also assured the few (administrative) employees still at the club that their jobs would be sustained even in the event of a downturn. And that NO would be ambitious next year if it remains.

Behind the scenes: injury, fine and promotion

This is the bad news of Wednesday: striker Abdoulaye San, recruit of the winter transfer window, has left. newly injured, alone, at the end of the session. He suffers from adductor pain and has had to êbe supported to return to the locker room… He is out for the Versailles reception this Friday, and probably for longer.

In addition, Nîmes Olympique will have to pay a fine for the last six days, Adil Hermach not having the diploma required for a National coach. The DES (higher state diploma with mention in football) that he obtained in 2023 only allows him to coach up to N2.< /p>

Otherwise it should be replaced. &agrav; at the head of the reserve team (2nd in Regional 1) which is aiming for promotion to N3, by Yannick Bileck, who manages the U16s (currently 5es).

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