Crisis at the Museum of fine arts: modest rally in support of Nathalie Bondil

Crise au Musée des beaux-arts: modeste rassemblement en soutien à Nathalie Bondil

MONTREAL | The dismissal of Nathalie Bondil continues to make a stir. A rally in support of the former director general of the Museum of fine arts, a modest number of participants, however, has given rise to a lively discussion, Saturday, when a museum employee showed up to defend the firing of his former boss.

The employee in question, who wishes not to be named, said that Ms. Bondil was aware from 2018, the work climate deteriorates in one department in particular, and that it has done nothing.

“I agree with everything the board has said”, he shouted, while recognising that Nathalie Bondil has done great things for the museum.

While the labour dispute at the museum the headlines for several days, the board of the institution of Sherbrooke street West announced Monday the dismissal of Nathalie Bondil, based on a study conducted by an independent firm had confirmed that working relationships stormy.

A personality is always appreciated

Of course, the dozen demonstrators who were protesting in front of the museum on Saturday, has another version.

For them, this history of conflict work is only powder in the eyes. The departure of Ms. Bondil is rather due to his stubborn refusal not to appoint Mary-Dailey Desmarais, a member of the powerful Desmarais family, for the position of director of conservation, since it had only come fourth in the competition during the creation of this post.

“Nathalie love Ms. Desmarais, but she found that she was not ready for this function. The position of director of conservation has been created in order to lighten his task, but with Mrs. Desmarais, it would be found to have the form and therefore to have more work. It did not make sense,” said Fanny A., who describes himself as a relative of Nathalie Bondil.

“Nathalie, this is someone who is very demanding towards the others and towards herself. She works 20 hours a day, 365 days per year. It was a provincial museum, a museum of international stature”, has also insisted that did not want to give his family name in full.

The supporters of Nathalie Bondil, who headed the museum for the past 13 years, all consider that it is a loss immeasurable to the institution, but also for Montreal.

“It has made it more accessible art to all the world, to different social classes. It has enlarged. It is sure that there will be a big drop,” said Dominique Sterlin, a veteran of the museum who wished to come and signify his discontent.

The protesters expressed doubt that Nathalie Bondil can resume his chair of director-general. They hope, however, that the board of directors retracts to wash the reputation of Ms. Bondil.

The minister of Culture, Nathalie Roy, was named this week, an independent consulting firm, to shed light on this situation.

Quebec gives $ 16 million per year at the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, and appoints one-third of the board of directors. But unlike other museums, the MMFA is not considered a Crown corporation, and the government does not have the last word on the appointment of the director-general.

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