Crisis in the United States: the silence of 21 seconds of Justin Trudeau

Crise aux √Čtats-Unis: le silence de 21 secondes de Justin Trudeau

Called to respond to a question from a journalist about the events in the United States on Tuesday, Justin Trudeau has made several seconds to respond, leaving even fall with a sigh. In total, his silence lasted almost 21 seconds, rarely seen during a press conference.

“You have been reluctant to comment on the speech and actions of the president of the United States. Donald Trump calls now to military action against demonstrators. Protesters have received the shots of tear gas last night. […] If you don’t want to comment on, what message do you want to send”, asks the reporter Tom Parry.

After his long moment of silence, He responds.

“We have all seen with horror and dismay what is happening in the United States. This is the time to bring people together. This is the time to listen, learn. When will the injustices continue, despite the progress over the years and decades to come. But it is time for us, Canadians, to recognize that we too have our challenges. Discrimination is a reality experienced by black Canadians and racialized every day. There is systemic discrimination in Canada. It means that our systems deal with Canadians of different backgrounds differently than they do with the other. This is something that many of us do not see. But it is a reality for racialized Canadians. We must see this, not only as government, but as Canadians. We need to become allies in the fight against discrimination. We have to work hard to “fix” it, to find out how we can arrange things.”

On Monday, president Donald Trump has promised to restore order in an America in the throes of a surge of anger history, threatening to deploy the army if the cities and States did not stop the violence.

He first said that “justice had to be rendered” after the death of this African-American, who died during his arrest by four police officers in Minneapolis. But it quickly condemned the violence and tensions that affected several major cities in the United States for several days, denouncing acts of “domestic terrorism”.

Scheduled at 18: 30, speaking of the american president has been shifted for long minutes while the police in Washington tried to disperse the protesters gathered near the White House. It was also possible to hear the noise of the firing of tear gas or the slogans of the protesters during his speech.

In response, the us president announced the deployment of “thousands of heavily armed soldiers” and police in the capital of the u.s., finding that the disorders of the day before in the federal capital were “a disgrace”. Calling on the governors to take the necessary measures to “drive the streets”, and denouncing acts of “domestic terrorism”, Trump has promised to restore the order in the United States.

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