Critics named the best film of the decade

In the first place picture of the life of a black teenager gay

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Кинокритики назвали лучший фильм десятилетия

Still from the film “Moonlight”

In the rankings compiled by critics, often appear quite contradictory, but a decent picture. The IndieWire has published its ranking of the best films of the last decade. Leader in this list was the film “Moonlight” from Barry Jenkins.

Find out unknown versions of known movies:

The picture is even in 2017, sparked controversy because of awarded “Oscar”. According to the critics, drama about the hard life of a black gay man has had a special influence on American filmmaking, and raised complex ostrosotsialnye topic.

In second place was another controversial project – “Stay in my skin” from Jonathan Glazer. The main role in the sci-Fi movie of 2013, played by Scarlett Johansson. She played the alien that was chasing earthly men.

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Although critics have compared the Director with the legendary Kubrick, the audience did not appreciate the project and the film flopped at the box office.

Took third place in the French romance 2009 “true Copy” by Abbas Kiarostami. The picture tells about how the heroes Juliette Binoche and William Simella pretend to be spouses, and after paying for the lie.

The ten best films of the decade looks like this:

  • Moonlight, 2016
  • “Stay in my skin”, 2013
  • “True copy”, 2009
  • “The act of killing”, 2012
  • “Inside Llewyn Davis”, 2013
  • “Corporation “Saints engines””, 2012
  • “Carol”, 2015
  • “The master”, 2012
  • “Mad Max: fury Road” 2015
  • “Lady Bird”, 2017

Recall, the experts of the website Box Office Mojo has compiled a ranking of the highest grossing movies in American history. As it turned out, the tape 30-ies and 70-ies of the last century far exceeds the income of the blockbusters released in recent years.

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