Crops encouraging for the family beales editors

Des récoltes encourageantes pour la famille Beales

MONTREAL – While many canadians are engaged in gardening during the pandemic, the 24 Hours following the family beales editors, who cultivates a small lot at the community garden in Verdun, Montreal. Met initially when they came to plant the seeds, the four amateur gardeners are now in full harvest period.

During our visit last Friday, Benjamin, eight years, harvesting vegetables, smiling. “I have grown beans, flowers, carrots, and basil”, rejoiced the boy.

It must be said that this activity was at peak, for him, this summer. As it is immunosupprimé, his parents avoid participating in events where there are crowds and risks of contacts. Spend some time in the head-to-head with nature is therefore an ideal solution.

The beales editors are not the only ones to have had the idea: at the beginning of the month of may, many citizens wanted to start gardening and had reserved a space at the community garden at Verdun. “There are several that have taken place and which did not come, so we replaced these people with news,” said John beales editors, who is also president of the horticultural society, The green thumb of Verdun.

The year of the cucumber

To this day, various seeds have obtained encouraging results. “This is my best year for cucumbers,” says Mr beales editors, who cultivates a garden for the past nine years. The strawberries and garlic were obtained yields worthy of mention, ” he adds. The crop of strawberries has helped put together the jam and strawberry-rhubarb all summer without ever buying a jar at the supermarket.

But not everything was pink: the episodes of heat waves experienced this summer have caused some harm to the garden. “The seeds, which love the cold, it took a really long time, he says, in speaking of the carrots.

“I’ve planted a zucchini; instead of making a ball, he decided to crawl into my snow peas. They are almost all dead”, he added.

During the last two months, Mr. beales editors is estimated to have spent 10 hours per week, spread often over the two days, working in her large green space. The last two weeks have required less work because of the warmer weather and recent rainfall. “I’d like to always spend a little more time to remove the weeds”, he noted, because they affect the yield of his crops if they are not removed.

The hands in the ground or in his plants, he sees gardening as a meditation. Enjoy the harvest of his garden the happy to a whole other level. “Tonight, we will eat pizza, it is pizza night! We’ll probably do one with garden-fresh tomatoes, basil, zucchini, and our garlic, all [from] of the garden […]. It is more effort, but more fun for a Friday night.”

Appointment to mid-October, when the family beales editors will be able to draw the conclusions of its summer harvest.

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