Cross-country: Michaël and Damien Gras, a shock duo in Carcassonne

Cross-country: Michaël and Damien Gras, a shock duo in Carcassonne

Cross-country: Michaël and Damien Gras, a shock duo in Carcassonne

Michaël (bib number 1,505) and Damien Gras flew through their race, completing the 9,700 m of the circuit in 29'47''. Midi Libre – Claudy Benoit

Cross-country: Michaël and Damien Gras, a shock duo in Carcassonne

Cross-country: Michaël and Damien Gras, a shock duo in Carcassonne

Le benjamin de Bagnols-sur-Cèze Ahmed Rami a remporté la course de sa catégorie (2 973 m, 10'46''). Midi Libre – Claudy Benoit

In Carcassonne, where the semi-final of the French championships took place on Sunday February 18, the Alès C2A twins finished as winners, hand in hand, in the individual race and also won the team competition.

"I arrived on Saturday evening from a preparation course for the next cross-country meetings. I committed at the last moment. I will continue next Sunday with the European Club Cup in Portugal with three of my teammates, including Said Kaddour, absent this Sunday, commenting on Sunday February 18 in Carcassonne on Michaël Gras.
With his twin brother Damien, the Alès C2A member performed a great number, the duo flying over the long cross of the semi-final of the French championship.

By teams, Alès C2A also crowned in women's and masters

In 29’47’’ shared efforts to swallow the 9,700 m of the circuit traced on the edge of the Aude, in the plain of Mayrevieille, the representatives of the Alesian club clearly dominated the competition and will necessarily be followed during the French championships from March 10 to Carmaux (Tarn).

"This deadline, in three weeks, constitutes an important objective for me, insofar as the winner will automatically be selected for the French team for the World Cross-Country Championships organized on March 30 and 31 in Belgrade&quot ;, confided Michaël Gras again. He and his brother propelled the Cévennes team to the top step of the podium, with Maxime Bargetto, the regional vice-champion, who finished 4th.

Among the ladies, things, individually, were more complicated for the Alésiennes and for the new regional champion, Sarah Hasni, who finished 7th over the 8,000 m of the course. In teams, the Alès C2A women's group still won the collective title, with Aurélie Dupouy (9th), Delphine Py-Bilot (15th) and Marina Bouquet (18th).

The young Gardois were brilliant

The young Gardois shone in Carcassonne. The junior and junior departmental teams, selected during the Gard and Languedoc championships, all reached the podium. Hats off to the girls who finished second; the boys took third place with the remarkable victory of Bagnolais Ahmed Rami (2,973 m, 10'46'').

Hats off also to the junior Alesian, Clara Fattori, who won the title (4052 m, 15'46''), just like her cadet teammates Dorian Estève (6th), Luca Fattori (7th), Timéo Tisler (9th) and Kénan Missak (10th), team titles.

Among the cadets, a little disappointment for Élise Verdelhan (Union Sud 30), who was not having a good day. She only finished in 23rd position over 4,676 m (19'56'') but she s’ is nevertheless qualified for the French championships on March 10.

On the short cross, Cyndie Sabattini 2nd

On the short cross course (4,676 m), the Gard runners were collectively dominated among the men. The best Théo Carbone, member of Garons AA, only took 12th place in 14'43''. Among the women, Cyndie Sabattini (Alès C2A) came very close to victory (17'11''), finishing in a good second place, ahead of her teammate Céline Sénia (4th in 17'45'').

The masters race, contested over 9,700 m, the same distance as the elites, which opened the program for this semi-final, had already allowed the Alès C2A licensees to win their first title collective, enhanced by the solo coronation obtained by Guillaume Arnould in 33’ everything is right. The Nîmes Abdelhak Bendaya (Union Sud athletics 30) collected bronze in 33’04'' in this race.

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