Crown asks jury to use common sense

The Crown asks the jury to use their & laquo; common sense

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The members of the jury must use their “common sense” in front of the version “sewn of white threads” of the stepmother of the girl from Granby, accused of her murder and kidnapping, argued the Crown in its pleadings. & nbsp;

“The accused did not care about the death of [the child], which was likely with the actions taken. There was knowledge that death was probable. The accused developed a feeling of aversion towards [her] ”, maintained Me Jean-Sébastien Bussières. & Nbsp;

The Crown prosecutor struck hard by presenting his final arguments to the jury. & Nbsp; ;

He read numerous text messages sent by the accused in the months preceding the tragedy which occurred on April 29, 2019. & nbsp;

According to him, these allow us to “understand the animosity “which pervaded the now 38-year-old woman towards the girl. & nbsp;

In several messages, a significant frustration seems to emerge and the accused uses insulting language. & Nbsp;

She says in particular that she is not able to look at her, that the child “lifts her heart” and that she decided to “leave her in her piss”. & nbsp;

“Ask yourself if it is true when she tells you that she loved him”, underlined Me Bussières to the jury .


The prosecutor said she was “exasperated to have to deal with this child who cries and tries to find her freedom”. & Nbsp;

“The accused will go to add more than once layers of duct tape, he continues. To immobilize him completely, she makes sure to tie him “well as it should be” by rolling up [the child], in particular at the height of his face, in more than one direction, and causing his death. “

Like the defense lawyer yesterday, Me Bussières invited the jury to ask themselves several questions in order to reach a verdict. & nbsp;

He insisted, however, that the jury should use their “common sense.” “Protect” to prevent furniture stacked in barricade falling on her. & Nbsp;

The Crown prosecutor does not seem to agree with this version of the facts, saying that it is “sewn with white threads” .

“At the base, do you apply layers of removal tape, not the little scotch tape , 5 centimeter tape, to go over the head, hair, face, does that constitute a danger likely to cause the death of a child? ” asked Me Bussières aloud.

A shift

According to Jean-Sébastien Bussières, it is not impossible that the “ slap ”that was on the child's face ended up blocking his airways.

He recalled that as the child struggled to free himself, the ribbon could have “slipped.”

The Crown's argument continues this afternoon at the courthouse in Trois-Rivières. & Nbsp;

Some excerpts from the text messages: & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

< strong> November 15, 2018: “She lied to me all morning, I can't take care of her”

January 14, 2019: “[ Name of the child] doesn't want “full” to see me, face constipated, I send her to her room ”

February 14, 2019: “[Child's name] urinated this morning, again, but there I left her in her piss”

February 22, 2019: “[…] I tells her that she is going to spend a late weekend, because she has a habit of being late “& nbsp;

March 14, 2019: ” […] She prefers to lie. I can see it in her attitude, she is still scared and she avoids the conversation ”& nbsp;

March 15, 2019: “[…] I'm sorry but she discourages me royally. Sorry, but I can't look at her. […] Just her face discourages me. ”

March 27, 2019: “ […] She pissed in her pot, that really frustrates me. So I closed the door for him and said: “Well that's it, don't call me when you want to pee, stay in your bedroom chalice” »& nbsp;

April 2, 2019: “[…] She pisses me off”

April 9, 2019: “I'm outraged by all this, I can't when I take it out, it lifts my heart ”

23 April 2019: “ […] [She is] still whining “

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