Crown prosecutor found guilty of impaired driving and hit and run

Crown prosecutor found guilty of impaired driving and hit-and-run


A young Crown prosecutor was found guilty of impaired driving and hit and run this morning in Montreal municipal court.

Me Alice Bourbonnais-Rougeau, who works at the Serious Crime and Special Affairs Office of the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP), will now have a criminal record after driving under the influence of alcohol and fleeing the scene. of an accident, in April 2021.  

It was the main witness, owner of a vehicle hit by Alice Bourbonnais-Rougeau, who tipped the scales in the mind of the judge Gabriel Boutros.

In his testimony, Anatoly Anisin described several behaviors that convinced the judge that the 30-year-old lawyer was acting under the influence of alcohol. 

< p>“When the defendant gets out of her vehicle, she drops the keys on the ground. […] She lacks balance when she bends down to pick them up […]”, can we read in the 19-page judgment that we were able to consult.

Walk “a little crooked”

The judge also noted that the young lawyer had glazed eyes and slightly closed when the witness tried to convince her to wait for the police.< /p>

Instead, she chose to leave the premises by gripping the banister very firmly and slowly climbing the stairs.

Besides, Judge Gabriel Boutros did not fail to remind her of her status: “The defendant is a prosecutor. She must know that she is committing an offense by leaving the scene after the collision […]”, he specifies in his decision.

For driving under the influence of alcohol, Me Alice Bourbonnais-Rougeau was fined $1,000 and banned from driving for one year. Regarding the alleged hit-and-run, she received a conditional discharge and six months probation.

Evening of a COVID-19 curfew< /p>

She will also have to answer for her actions before the syndic of the bar. 

“A file is open. We'll see what happens next,” a source familiar with the case told us on condition of anonymity.

And, already in very bad shape, the lawyer will also have to return to court. to defend herself against another offence.

The evening of the accident, she was outside her home during the curfew imposed by Quebec which sought to limit the proliferation of COVID-19 , according to the general offense report that we were able to consult. 

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