Crucial weekend for chef Dominique Anglade

Crucial weekend for chef Dominique Anglade

MISE & Agrave; DAY

Criticized by party members for several weeks, Dominique Anglade wants to save the opening of his first congress. With less than a year before the elections, the leader will proclaim that she represents liberal values: those of major social and economic projects. & nbsp;

This is the message she will send in front of her activists during her opening speech on Friday evening, according to information obtained by our Parliamentary Office. & nbsp;

The leader, who faces many criticisms from the very breasts of the liberal troops, believes that 'it will be able to rally and satisfy those who consider that it has moved away from the historical values ​​of the PLQ. & nbsp;

She will also hammer home that the Liberal Party of Quebec is not only the party of the economy, but above all that of major social and economic changes, such as hydroelectricity and health insurance. & Nbsp;

< p> She wants to quickly make activists dream in order to fuel the discussions throughout the weekend. & nbsp;

Environment and federalism

To gain momentum, Dominique Anglade's PLQ wants to put the economy at the service of the environment. She will talk about her desire to merge “economy and ecology”. & Nbsp;

She will explain that you have to have ambition on both fronts. With this message, she hopes to distinguish herself from Québec solidaire and the CAQ government. & Nbsp;

During the weekend, activists will hear a lot about federalism. She will talk about Quebec's place in confederation and in the world. & Nbsp;

Until the election, Ms. Anglade will try to become the “progressive federalist” option.

She will also want to continue moving away from the Charest and Couillard era.

The labor shortage will be one of the main issues of the PLQ. & Nbsp;

The party wants to raise the immigration thresholds and then adjust them according to the need for manpower “while taking into account the integration capacity of Quebec. “

New image

Ms. Anglade's entourage is also working to change the image of the chef in order to break her “engineering” mold, which gives “too” much detail. In particular, her dress style has already been changed. & Nbsp;

In addition, she no longer reads her notes during press briefings. These are already much shorter than in the last parliamentary session and simply rely on a few strong lines on a single subject. & Nbsp;

Proposals “to the left” of the PLQ & nbsp; & nbsp;

  • Extend health insurance coverage and explore the possibility of including dental, eye and hearing care as well as psychotherapy and physiotherapy. & Nbsp; & nbsp;
  • Offer free health care lunch care services in schools. & nbsp;
  • Require the withdrawal of fossil fuels from investments managed by the State and its organizations, such as the Caisse de dépôt and Investissement Québec . & nbsp;
  • Environmental reform of the building code. Then, propose a program of “deep renovation”. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

Former Liberal Party elected officials denounce the turn to the left & nbsp; & nbsp;

The chef Dominique Anglade does not have liberal values, denounce former elected officials who do not find themselves in her turn to the left.

“The heart to the left and the head to the right. This is liberal values, just like belonging to Canada, the economy and individual freedom, “argued a former Liberal minister. & Nbsp;

For the moment, the values ​​of Ms. Anglade “are nothing”, he said harshly.

The former elected, however, is impatient to hear “his vision” for Quebec during of the congress which begins on Friday evening. “At the moment, I don't know where she's going. “

Towards a pale copy of QS

Former Liberal ministers and elected officials have confided in our Parliamentary Bureau. They requested anonymity, however.

They fear that “their party” will become a pale copy of Quebec solidaire. The “new liberal economic vision” repels many. “I don't recognize my PLQ,” said a former MP. & Nbsp;

“That's not the future,” said another. “Left to compete with QS, that's not our brand. We are in the center right and a little center left. The Liberal Party is the party of the economy, ”describes another. & Nbsp;

Faithful liberals have even recently publicly criticized the absence of liberal values ​​within the current troops. & Nbsp;

On Wednesday, the son of former Prime Minister Jean Charest, Antoine Dionne Charest, argued in a letter published in La Presse that the identity of the PLQ is ambiguous.

Au At the beginning of November, the former liberal senator André Pratte affirmed in the pages of the magazine L'Actualité that the PLQ was adrift due to a lack of coherence. & nbsp;

Too early & nbsp;

For some exes, however, it is too early to judge. The lack of a program, an economic plan and a team does not help.

Ditto for the pandemic which allowed the government to monopolize public space. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Even if the CAQ government has succeeded in appropriating the economy, they believe that the PLQ must succeed in regaining this ground.

“It takes a credible program,” notes the One. Two. “In Congress, that's where we're going to find out. “

– With the collaboration of Geneviève Lajoie and Antoine Robitaille

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