Crushed by a snowplow: Here's what happened in actor Jeremy Renner's accident

Crushed by a snowplow: Here's what happened during the of actor Jeremy Renner’s accident


Actor Jeremy Renner was trying to stop a snowplow tractor that had started to slip and was heading straight for his nephew when he was crushed under the vehicle on January 1, according to the incident report from a Nevada sheriff's office.  

The 54-year-old man told investigators that he was towing his nephew's van, which was stuck in the snow in his driveway, at the time of the accident, says Washoe County Sheriff's Office report viewed by CNN.

When the car was towed down the street, the snowplow, a Pistenbully brand snow plow, began to “slide sideways” and then “started rolling downhill”. 

< p>Jeremy Renner then jumped out of the tractor,” he told investigators. was headed straight for his nephew, the report quoted by CNN says. 

Fearing that the snowplow would hit his nephew, he tried to stop or swerve him. But to get into the cabin, he had to climb over the running tractor tracks. 

He was “immediately sucked under the track on the left side,” according to the report. < /p>

“The Pistenbully passed over him and continued down the road,” reads the report seen by CNN.  

“He remained lying on the ground and concentrated on his breathing while [his nephew and others] rescued him until medical personnel arrived on places.”

A 911 call, which CNN also obtained a copy of, indicated that the actor was “completely crushed under a large snow removal vehicle” and had “extremely difficult breathing”, with “the right side of his torso… collapsed , upper torso crushed.”

No handbrake

Handbrake was not engaged, office report says from the Washoe County Sheriff consulted by CNN.

“The Pistenbully-branded grooming device began to slip causing Jeremy Renner to exit the vehicle without setting the brake. emergency,” reads the findings of the report, which CNN obtained a copy of. 

The tractor had mechanical problems, but the handbrake could have prevented it from continuing to slide, concludes the report. 

“A mechanical failure could have been a factor in this accident.”

In addition, the warning light for the brakes, which was located at the cabin interior, ne fo was not working.