Culture and creating innovative

Culture et création innovante

The artist barely had time to reinvent itself, that is, that madam minister of Culture, Nathalie Roy, calls him to redeploy his creativity and makes it rain millions.

The poor parent feels suddenly as if he just won the jackpot.

However, it’s hard to understand how some can take advantage of this windfall.

Among those that our government calls “our artists” many ” is defined more precisely as interpreters. We think of actors, singers, musicians, and dancers.

Although they are all creative in the expression of their art, they do not shape the raw material. Not all of them are playwrights, authors, composers, lyricists, choreographers, and yet each remains a full-time artist.

We can’t all submit creative projects, or thinking outside of the box as proposed by Nathalie Roy.

That will be the artisans, designers, designers of costumes and others, that they too are artists, even if we don’t see them on stage or on tv?

We are told that the filming should be able to resume as early as 8 June.

We are jumping for joy, if it does not raise so many concerns.

How are we going to be able to turn, if it is necessary to observe the two meters of distance? It seems that this is feasible thanks to the technology and special devices, but these measures have a cost. Not to mention the insurance companies that are cautious…

It is also considering the possibility of confining an entire “shelf” for the duration of filming. A solution that carries its own set of difficulties.

In summary : who can turn on? We will not take risks, we will build on the “safe values”. It means a lot of the players at the unemployment…

Theatres and concert halls could reopen to the Saint-Jean.

We will not be able to attend shows, but take advantage of it to re-learn the places… says ms. Roy.

It suggests that we could, for example, be repetitions. Great well we do! We repeat what?

In normal times, at this time of the year, the theaters closed, the season is closed.

For weeks, the directorates are working to re-organize their programming. The things without knowing how we will be able to have the stage space and the number of spectators in the room.

Let us be clear : artists do not spit not in the soup. All recognize the efforts of the government in these 400 million.

However, it would be desirable that the ministry of culture organizes a meeting with the leaders of the cultural sector. Not on the phone, rather than by video conference.

A real table of dialogue so that issues are discussed and that the invested money is accessible to the greatest number.

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