Culture: important to help artisans

In the forests, near water courses, the signs of the presence of the beaver are everywhere, but the animal itself is shy.

If you see one, you don sursauterez not.

Conversely, if you come upon a moose of 1500 pounds with a plume of 52 inches, you will make the jump, even if the beast is peaceful.

Issue size just.

That ?

It is the same thing in the culture : there are big and small.

Has there been an industry hardest hit by the pandemic, with restaurants and bars ?

It is now the turn of artists to receive government assistance.

Recognize that the additional effort of $ 400 million over two years for culture announced by François Legault, that is, in the context that is ours, a considerable jump.

The total budget for culture increased by 26 % compared to last year, the largest increase since of the moons.

This government are said to be in the hands of accountants is able to understand that a society without artists is a society without a soul.

This assistance is all the more urgent that, in an environment where precarity is the norm, the PCU federal matures in early July.

As always, the devil lived in the details, especially in a sector that is full of players living very special situations.

Take the visual arts. There is money for those who organize exhibitions, but nothing for the painter or the sculptor himself, if he is self-employed.

Take all the music. Imagine a concert where the musicians and spectators will be required – and it will – adhere to the two meters.

It follows that, in addition to the logistical headache, a collapse of the ticket revenues. The same remark applies obviously to the theatre.

For music, the problem is even wider than that of the indoor shows.

This medium saw a revolution misunderstood people who are outside it.

The self-generating independent y occupies a place of growing : in 2019, the vast majority of albums produced in Quebec were by people who have not given their master tapes to large production houses.

Around the main artist, there is also a wildlife studio musicians, technicians, designers, managers, tour, etc

There are limits to “reinvent itself” by exploiting even more the free digital access to financing.


In Quebec, the public money to support the arts is administered by the two capital ships : the SODEC and CALQ.

However, their eligibility criteria are not adapted to the reality of self-production and a multitude of sub-contractors.

A large portion of small independent producers have the status of companies on the tax plan, but are not eligible for assistance from SODEC, while the CALQ, it only helps the individuals, not the companies.

The danger is great that the government support for well-intentioned as it is, will eventually go to the handful of big players, established for a long time.

It would be infinitely regrettable.

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