Cunning wild boar tricked a pack of lions: a funny video

Animal incredible way managed to break away from the chase of predators

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Хитрый кабан обманул стаю львов: курьезное видео


On the YouTube channel Kruger Sightings appeared a funny video, which shows how the boar could escape from a pack of hunting lions in South African Kruger national Park.

“Through my binoculars I saw the lioness with the explicit intent glances to right and left along the bed of the dry river – says the author of the video, writer Dana Atkinson. It was clear that if it is something, it’ll start hunting.” Atkinson continued to watch and was rewarded for her patience: in his body there was wild boar. He happily went to drink and did not suspect that to him sneaking seven lions.

The boar saw the threat when the predators were very close. He ran with amazing agility slipped between running at him from lions and managed to break away from the chase. Soon, the lions stopped the persecution and allowed him to escape.

Earlier, we wrote like a wild boar caused quite a stir in the hospital and bit cleaner. The incident occurred in the city of Nanjing in Jiangsu province. Wild boar broke into the hospital and started to chaotically run around the wards and corridors.

In addition, “Today” reported, as a wild boar broke into the premises of restaurants located in the Northern suburbs of Seoul.

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