Cured of the COVID-19, Georges Laraque is opposed to vaccination

Guéri de la COVID-19, Georges Laraque s’oppose à la vaccination

Now cured of the coronavirus, former hockey player Georges Laraque is opposed to vaccination, claiming that a healthy human body can fight any disease.

“The reason why I am anti-vaccine, is that since the beginning of time, the body is a machine that was able to fight off many viruses, that it has passed through our humanity. The only thing we can control, it is a healthy body”, he said on Tuesday, in an interview with Richard Martineau at QUB radio.

The one who would have contracted the virus by making grocery deliveries is judged that a good physical health and good nutrition are what form an immune system strong enough to fight any disease.

According to him, the “government” would work now to create what it sees as a “poison”.

If he is against vaccination, it supports, however, the clinical trials of passive immunization by transfusion of plasma convalescent conducted by a number of hospitals with Héma-Québec.

LISTEN to the interview with Georges Laraque on Politically incorrect on QUB radio:

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