Cured of the COVID-19: it celebrates its 100th anniversary

Guérie de la COVID-19: elle fête son 100e anniversaire

THREE-RIVERS | woman of Trois-Rivières, which has survived the COVID-19, has just celebrated its 100e anniversary.

Jeanne Hebert was able to recognize her birthday on Thursday with close friends.

She had left the unit COVID of the CHSLD Cooke in the month of may and had not felt any symptoms during its quarantine. The staff had made a hedge of honor in the corridor to emphasize its healing.

“She has always had a very good health. When we were told that she was asymptomatic, we said: “let’s hope it stays that way”. After a while, we said : “this is Jeanne ! She will get through it”” tells his son, Serge Paquin.

Jeanne Hebert was born on 4 June 1920, while Quebec came out of the third wave of the Spanish flu, a pandemic that resulted in the death of more than 55 000 Canadians. Despite its venerable age, Jeanne Hébert is not the only one to have passed through the COVID-19 without any symptoms. Yvette Lafontaine, a resident of the Pavillon Rigaud, Trois-Rivières, has been positive for over a month.

“I was surprised when I was told that I was positive. There are some who die, others who are hospitalized. Pis to me, it looks like I’m in another world. I’m lucky”, she says.

The lady 96 years of age, who has exercised the profession of a nurse is conscious of having confounded the statistics. In the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec, 72% of people who died from COVID-19 had over 80 years of age. In the region, the five centenarians have contracted the coronavirus. Out of this number, four are restored, only one has not survived.


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