Curfew declared in Tulsa prior to the meeting of Trump

Couvre-feu décrété à Tulsa avant la réunion de Trump

The mayor of Tulsa declared a curfew in an area of several streets to avoid overflows in the city of Oklahoma, which hosts Saturday a meeting of campaign of Donald Trump.

The curfew, which relates only to the area in which Mr. Trump has to make his speech, began on Thursday evening at 22: 00 local time and will last until Sunday morning, with an interruption during the holding of the meeting.

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All the streets surrounding this area were closed to traffic by concrete blocks on Friday morning, said a journalist from AFP.

Side effect of this curfew unexpected: dozens of supporters-hard Donald Trump who lined up for days to be at the forefront of the meeting had to bend awnings and tents, and move in the authorized area.

Wearing caps ” Trump 2020 “, american flags or signs struck with the portrait of their idol, they patientaient Friday morning in the rain, close by iron railings installed across a street leading to the arena BOK Center.

Some using the concerns of the authorities regarding the security.

To justify the decision to impose a curfew, the mayor of Tulsa, G. T. Bynum, has noted that they received information ” showing that individuals belonging to organized groups who have been involved in an attitude of violent and destructive in other States planned to come (to Tulsa) to cause disorder in and around the meeting.”

Stephen Corley, 19-year-old said, as well as more conscious of the manifestations of “leftist extremists” and “rioters” of the movement that Black Lives Matter than the COVID-19.

No mask

As almost all of the people who are waiting for the meeting, he abstains from wearing a mask.

It will, however, be a at the meeting if he provides ” and that it is mandatory “. “I’m not going to pass up the chance of my life (…) to see Trump by refusing to wear a mask “, he explains.

The president Trump himself threatened on Twitter ” protesters, anarchists, agitators, looters and the thugs who go in Oklahoma “.

“Understand that you will not be treated as you have been to New York, Seattle, or Minneapolis. This will be very different! “he-he wrote, in reference to the events sometimes interspersed with violence that have recently taken place in these cities.

More than 100 000 people are expected to attend between Friday and Saturday in Tulsa, which also commemorates the 155th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in the United States, in 1865.

Mr. Trump had originally chosen the day of Friday, June 19, or “Juneteenth” in English, a symbolic date chosen to commemorate the end of slavery, for its meeting in Tulsa, but it was postponed to the next day, after a storm of criticism.

Tammy Willard, a hairdresser in Wichita (Arkansas), was surprised to see that voices are raised against the coming of the president.

“It has moved the date out of respect for them and they are not grateful. How come they have not complained about demonstrations, riots and the funeral of George Floyd, and that they complain of it? “says the woman with a disability 52-year-old, who camped as a family since Wednesday.

“I want to have a chance to see it in person for the first time, not just watch it on tv “, she explains.

The city of Tulsa is marked by the memory of one of the worst race riots in history, where up to 300 African-Americans were massacred by a mob of white, in 1921.

The anniversary of “Juneteenth” comes in a context of high racial tensions after the deaths of several African-Americans in police interventions.

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