Cybulski confused fans on Mother’s Day: “it is freewheeling and let’s sing songs”

Цибульская смутила фанов в День Матери: "Уже накатила и давай песни петь"

Olga Cybulski

Ukrainian singer and TV presenter Olga Cybulski is very active in the social networks and share their experiences. In the international mother’s day, she published a vocal message on Instagram.

In the video, she sings with the Ukrainian folk group “Boudary” in Ukrainian costumes. Girls perform the song “Bila mene Mati”.

“Bila mene Mati. Mother’s Day again to you all! And output found his element. I ache from the songs. Sing along! Complete improvisation” – wrote the singer.

Ukrainians in the comments immediately responded to such compliments from Cybulski:
“Olga has 150 freewheeling and give songs to sing. All Mothers with the holiday.”, “I just want to listen and listen, just no comment,” and “Vociferous of all quail Olga”, ” Olga, had to be treated with humor. Love you, warmth, comfort.”, “Very nice”.

Shortly before this, Cybulski has congratulated all Ukrainian mothers on the occasion and shared the photo with his mother, which very similar.

“Give birth to a man and be a Mother to him – it’s a polar thing. Now that I have a Nestor, I can feel it skin. Thank you for everything! And I know exactly what Mom would have wanted to be for his son. Like you” – cute wrote Olga.

In the comments of all fans of the actress were cut to such treatment:
“Olga, you are a wonderful daughter”, “You mom looks like two drops of water”, “What beautiful words, you know how so to speak, until the tears. Good luck to you and mom”, “look So beautiful, like two sisters.”

Recall, Kuma Jiji told the truth about Pritula.

As reported by the portal Znayu spouse Cybulski ruptured from the weight of his wife.

Also Znayu wrote that Cybulski spoke about the difficulties of life perfect wife.


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