Cybulski told about the difficulties of life the perfect wife: the “High – balls”

Цибульская рассказала о трудностях жизни идеальной жены: "Максимум - это яйца"

Olga Cybulski

Ukrainian singer and TV presenter Olga Cybulski shared his secrets of the perfect hostess, to which it resorts for every holiday of Easter. Girl posted on his page in social network Instagram tips that will help every woman to be the hostess in the eyes of others.

“I give you my recipe for the holiday. A week night reading culinary Insta-bloggers, screens recipes write a list of products. Saturday comes, and understand that the maximum I will get is eggs. Open your mouth (my working area), and how a fly flies in the spring thought “all is lost”, but Hallelujah calling Mom: “Daughter, are you going? I got everything ready.” I’m flying to my parents for cakes and tomorrow stay tuned for photos in the style of “am I not mistress.” And what are you?” – shared Cybulski.

Цибульская рассказала о трудностях жизни идеальной жены: "Максимум - это яйца"

Olga Cybulski

Ukrainians in the comments react ambiguously:
“Oh, and this year I went crazy. Baked 14 paschek, mushroom pie, cake, chocolate eggs made cheesecake and that’s not all, such a View as necessary. Beautiful lipstick”, “Eiza for 5 seconds,labels, all bought”, “Well, I made – come to Mama. It’s probably Ol ‘ signature dish, Always bake myself cakes,” “And we are all together in the morning, made Easter cakes and painted eggs. It’s a tradition that began with the birth of a daughter”, “Eggs a La polyethylene”

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