Cycle Vancouver–Trois-Rivières in less than 40 days

Cycle Vancouver–Trois-Rivières in less than 40 days< /p> UPDATE DAY

Four cyclists from Trois-Rivières, in the Mauricie region, are getting ready to cross Canada by bike and are ready to meet the challenge of pedaling almost 5,000 kilometers in less than 40 days. 

Student-athletes from the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières (UQTR) fly to Vancouver on Friday evening.

“We trained a lot, Bastien and I, together. Already, get into the habit of riding in pairs, that is to say one in front, which will take the wind more so that the one behind can recover, then give each other signs too because the first, he will see the holes, the potholes, all that,” explained Florian Tatat, one of the students and member of the VélO2 Canada team.

They had to train intensively for more than four month. Their initial goal was to cycle 1000 km per week, but that changed along the way.

“With the time we had, with the schedule we had, the injuries we had, we had to deal with all that. We must have seen the volume drop, so we were more on something like 300 or 400 km per week, ”said Bastien Couëpel, the other male member of the group.

Everything must be planned , as well as the route, the equipment or the food, except the weather, which can play up. But that's not the scariest part.

“Our body, how it's going to react, injuries or fatigue, or really just exhaustion [and] that we're not able to move forward anymore, it seems like a little fear,” Laurie described. Choquette, another cyclist on the team.

However, they can count on their UQTR student life advisor, Martin Lambert, in the event of a major problem.

“If they have mechanical breakdowns and they are far from a bike repair station, [if they have] a major injury and they are in the middle of nothing and there they are not able to come back, then, maybe that's the kind of intervention I could do,” he said.

Thanks to the many financial partners, the project shouldn't cost them a penny out of pocket.

“We've raised about $24,000 so far. Everything about cycling, camping equipment, nights camping, plane tickets, everything about food will be extremely expensive, ”listed Aurélie Pelchat, another cyclist, and the one who mainly took care of sponsors.

And that's not counting the $4,500 in donations that were raised for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Their goal is to donate nearly $20,000 to the Foundation at the end of their journey, which is due to end at the beginning of September, which is equivalent to almost a dollar per kilometer traveled by athlete.

It will also be You can follow their journey on their VélO2 Canada Facebook page.