Cycling: “I’m not going to be satisfied with that,” assures Alexandre Delettre

Cycling: “I’m not going to be satisfied with that,” assures Alexandre Delettre

Alexandre Delettre demonstrated real teamwork. Free lunch – Alexis BETHUNE

The Gard cyclist from Saint-Michel – Mavic – Auber 93 has had a string of good performances since the start of the season but he wants even more. 

You have just finished 4th in the Tour des Alpes-Maritimes and you have finished four times in the Top 10 since the start of the season. Can we say that it is successful ?

Yes, I'm on a roll, I'm riding the wave. This came to fruition more this weekend than at home, in Bessèges (three times 14th all the same, Editor’s note). It’s true that I am consistent and well placed on hard stages with the pedal. It’s true that now I’m missing a podium or a victory.

I proved that I had my place and that I had asserted myself as a leader in a team. She worked for me and we must therefore look for even better. I had a good start to the season, which I hadn’t done in previous seasons. I'm not going to settle for that and I want to see further.

What will your next races be ?

After a few days off, I have the Samyn Grand Prix at the end of February, then I have some more rest to prepare for the Denain Grand Prix, the Loire-Atlantique Classic, Cholet -Pays de Loire, Paris-Camembert and the Route Adélie, in March. The last four, which I have already run, suit me very well.

With these good results, you show your new team Saint-Michel – Mavic – Auber 93 that she can count on you…

The team is happy. I said that I wanted to walk at the start of the season, that it was close to my heart, with races at home. So, I had runners around me, I was protected on certain stages. I'm happy to have gone for a result to thank my teammates.

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