Cyclospora: a reminder of salad, Fresh Express

Cyclospora: rappel de salade Fresh Express

The trademark Fresh Express is removing tablets salads that it sells, because they could be contaminated with the Cyclospora.

It comes to the products Cheddar cheese chipotle, The American, Thai, and cashew nut, Lover of vegetables, Sunflower, crunchy, Garden Iceberg, Shreds, Green and crispy, Asian, South-west and coleslaw. These products are sold to national-scale format ranging from 312 g to 680 grams should not be consumed.

Health Canada has been mentioned by news release Sunday evening that no cases of contamination linked to these salads has not been reported until now.

Consumers who have these products should throw it away or return to where it was purchased.

Cyclospora, which causes an intestinal disease known as cyclosporiasis, not spread human feces. When water or food are in contact with the parasite, they can contaminate the consumers. However, the Cyclospora is not in the water in Canada, and it is not common to find it in the food.

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