Cyprian and Julfou on the business of Youtubeur : “people like to create boxes” (INTERVIEW)

Cyprian and Julfou on the business of youtubeur : “people like to create boxes” (INTERVIEW)

Among the many persons who came to attend the screening of “Phantom”, the last short film of Jhon Rachid, were Cyprien Iov and Julien Josselin (alias Julfou). The two creatives are being assigned to the micro Purebreak on the need for this film, as well as the image that people have of the profession of Youtubeur. Interview.

This Wednesday, April 24, 2019, Jhon Rachid unveiled his second short film entitled “The Ghost”. Unlike his first film, “Day of rain”, which was a reference to the terrible “Dark Night” of 17 October 1961 in Paris, during which dozens of protesters algerian and French lives were lost, it revisits the famous myth of the Phantom of the Opera of offbeat way. A film much appreciated by the people who attended the premiere screening, including Cyprien Iov and Julien Josselin (alias Julfou).

Cyprian and Julfou in interview

In the interview for Purebreak, two each other have given us their opinion on the work of their colleague, and emphasized the importance of the latter : “this is an opportunity for the Internet”, says the prime youtubeur de France, which emphasizes a “quality video, very rigorous on the scenario, the technique, the actors”.

A way to prove that each other are not confined to this role alone : “I think people like to create boxes. […] We, our job, in daily life, it is to break the boxes and say ‘no, we can do a lot of other things’ and Jhon Rachid went there with a big axe. For us, it’s been a long time that it is in the box, actor and even writer and producer. I’ve never really perceived as a youtuber”, specifies Cyprian, supported by Julfou : “Youtube, it can also be the cinema.”

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