Da 5 Bloods: catchy but uneven

Da 5 Bloods: percutant mais inégal

Launched on Netflix last week, at a time when the movement Black Lives Matter resonates everywhere in the world, the thriller Da 5 Bloods, the new Spike Lee film is a timely issue. But despite a plot promising that revisits themes hot news, the final result disappoints.

Let’s say the input of the game : we expected more of this new Spike Lee film heralded by many as the Black Lives Matter the classic of war Apocalypse Now. The idea of seeing the director of Do The Right Thing and BlacKkKlansman focus on the Vietnam war by adopting the point of view of veterans, soldiers african-americans was to say the least, enticing. But the film, too long and sometimes confusing, unfortunately falls flat.

Da 5 Bloods (blood Brothers) brings to the stage four veterans of the afro-americans of the Vietnam war who return to the scene of the conflict to try to recover the remains of their former unit leader, fell in battle under their eyes, 50 years earlier, but also to put the hand on a treasure ($17 million in gold bullion) that they were buried at the time in the middle of the jungle.

Mix of genres

The beginning of their adventure will take place in joy and good mood, but the journey will turn to blood bath when a group of Vietnamese armed will also his interest in gold bullion.

True to himself, Spike Lee has used this story to continue his struggle against racism and racial inequalities. Da 5 Bloods sheds light on the reality of the soldiers, afro-americans, who were used as cannon fodder during the Vietnam war.

Lee opens his film with a montage of images, including excerpts of historical speeches of Malcolm X and muhammad Ali, but also pictures of war heroes of african americans fell into oblivion. The filmmaker, 63-year-old then launches into a plot muscled mixing a little awkwardly with the action-thriller, the firebrand politics and comedy. The result is a hard-hitting film, but uneven, at more than 2: 30 p.m., would have certainly earned to be tightened.

Da 5 Bloods (blood Brothers)


  • A Spike Lee film
  • With Delroy Lindo, Norm Lewis, Jonathan Majors, Chadwick Boseman and Jean Reno.
  • Offered on Netflix.
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