Dach makes the Habs happy

Dach makes the Habs happy


CHICAGO | Martin St-Louis was quite proud of his shot. It took a front to send Kirby Dach, facing his former team, to seal the outcome of the meeting on Friday.

But beyond his desire to thumb his nose at the Hawks, who quickly lost hope in this young player, the head coach of the Canadian wanted to show his striker that he had full confidence in him. < /p>

“Kirby is 21 years old. Like I said before, you can't give up on a 21-year-old. We were lucky to bring him to our team,” said the Habs driver after the game. but that didn't happen. At least in the end he had a golden opportunity. He scored and we won the match,” he added.

It was not just Friday afternoon that Dach made the Canadian happy. Transferred to the wing for a few weeks, Dach has already amassed 17 points in 21 games. A harvest that puts him just nine shy of his personal best.

Nick Suzuki surprised goalkeeper Arvid Soderblom in the shootout with a small lobe.

Beneficial change of air

Some will say that he is lucky to evolve with Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki, which helps a lot. It's not false, but others before him have not had the same success with the dynamic duo.

“A change of air, sometimes, it feels good. He's been playing extremely well for us and it's fun to see him succeed. We're going to Chicago to try to win the game for him, “said David Savard on Wednesday night after the victory in Columbus.

In the same breath, the Canadiens defender said he was very happy that the Hawks gave up on Dach.

“For us, it's perfect. Kirby is an excellent player. He has proven it since the start of the season. He had a lot of potential. Everyone knew it. It was just a matter of finding a good combination.

Defender Joel Edmundson had good reason to smile, he who scored his first goal of the season opening the scoring against the Hawks.

As in the junior

Undoubtedly shaken when the transaction was announced last summer, Dach has since moved on.

< p>“Every time you get traded, it shocks you a bit. I prefer to look at the situation in the other, explained Dach. Montreal wanted me. When you feel wanted, it warms the heart. “

It's probably even more so when you give the victory to your new team and taunt your old supporters.

“It's happened to me a few times to do it in junior when I was getting booed. I thought the situation lent itself well to it, ”he said on Friday, visibly satisfied.