Dadju and Burna Boy to play the romantic in the clip “Give me the agreement”

Clip “Give me the agreement” : Dadju and Burna Boy-mode lovers

After “Gentleman 2.0”, Dadju has seen things even more grand unveiling of “Poison or Antidote”, a double album consisting of feats with Nekfeu, Koba LaD, Wizkid, Damso, or even Burna Boy. It is also in her collaboration with the interpreter Like to Party that it has chosen as the new single. Check out the clip Gives me the agreement on PRBK.

Since the success of Queen (233 million views on YouTube), Dadju not stop, he is everywhere with his solo projects or collaborations, with Soolking on the title Melegim, Imen Si on Weird or even his brother Gims and Alonzo on 10/10. The singer continues the promotion of his double album “Poison or Antidote”, released on November 18, 2019, carried by the sounds Complicated, TPB in feat with Koba LaD, Mwasi was Congo with Gaz Mawete, Pair of Aces with Nekfeu, or even Give me the agreement with Burna Boy.

Dadju found Burna Boy in the video Gives me the agreement

It is this last piece that Dadju was chosen as the new single from her album, “Poison or Antidote. Burna Boy and the interpreter of Bob Marley can be found in the clip in which they go by in a romantic fashion and fashion flirting with a pretty dancer : “You can read on my lips, I don’t want to talk / My mind is full of bad ideas / what I want is to forge ahead without hesitation / If we took the risk to go without regret / It will be our little secret / Always the consciousness, but not today / Then give me the agreement, body to body / No b care to be shy, it is that of the sport, “sings Dadju in Gives me the agreement.

In any case, the bro ‘ of Gims has clearly set the bar high with her double-album : “The first album is a lot of carelessness. We’re just anxious to get out and discover a bit of everything. And second, it is true that it is a little more thought (…) It is a lot more pressure, I wasn’t expecting. But I’m glad to see how it started and how it continues, “said Dadju to RTL.

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