Dadju and Koba Fda can be found in the clip “TPB”

Dadju and Koba Fda can be found in the clip “TPB”

This is surely one of the collabs in the most unexpected of this year. For its double album “Poison or Antidote”, released in November 2019, Dadju is associated with Koba LaD on the piece TPB… in which the clip has just been unveiled. We discovered the rapper and the brother of Gims in full city with their crew.

A year after “Gentleman 2.0”, Dadju is back in form with not one album but a double album entitled “Poisou or Antidote”. The program ? 28 pieces, including Complicated and feats with Nekfeu (Pair of Aces), Damso (Dress), Burna Boy (Give me the agreement), Wizkid (Danger), Soolking, Kaly & Aymane Serhani (Wouli Lya), or even with Koba LaD (TPB), a collab that has had the right to a little teaser in the month of October. It is clear, the interpreter of Bob Marley has prompted beautiful people on his opus !

“You’re not Beyoncé”

To continue on this positive momentum, Dadju introduces the clip of TPB, its feat fairly unexpected with Koba LaD. The brother of Gims and the rapper, who plans to leave in anonymity and soon, we are to take with them to the suburbs in the 93 and the 91, Romainville, and Parc aux Lièvres in Evry, precisely, to ask their flow in the quiet with their boys : “But you’re not Beyoncé, you’re not, you’re not Beyoncé / You may type in your vice, I’m not your Jay-Z, you’re not my Beyoncé / You’re not Beyoncé, you’re not, you’re not Beyoncé / You want to be a part of my life, of my destiny, but you’re not Beyoncé“, balance the interpreter of a Lioness.

Koba LaD, him, out always so many punchlines cash and trash : “My Beyoncé, she sucks the b*te, nigga / It makes me the best massage, her ass is just big all round, like the world, ( … ), I know that they rest in peace when I unmount / She is my touch screen when I décapote / When I sink the nails, I shake my locks.” Two different styles, but which work rather well !

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