Dadju prompt Nekfeu and Koba LaD on his new album “Poison” 🎶

Dadju invite Nekfeu et Koba LaD sur son nouvel album "Poison"  🎶

Dadju prompt Nekfeu and Koba LaD on his new album “Poison”

A year after “Gentleman 2.0”, Dadju is back with his second album “Poison” on Friday 15 November 2019 ! A second album consisting of 14 unreleased songs including feats with Nekfeu (Pair of Aces), Koba LaD (TPB) and Tayc (Please). The fans validate already. If you have not yet listened to, you are in the right place.

Dadju is working with Nekfeu on “Poison”

Since the release of Queen, in 2017, Dadju explodes. His first album “Gentleman 2.0”, composed of the securities Lioness, Jealous, Bob Marley, Django, and Under control in feat with Niska, has been very well received and 650.000 copies have been sold. The brother of Master Gims (known only Gims today) intends to continue this momentum with its second album, “Poison” which included the hit singles Confessions, and Complicated My life.

On this album, available from this Friday 15 November, 14 pieces, including three feats with Tayc, Koba Fda and Nekfeu, are available. The collab with the interpreter Under the clouds was also important for Dadju as he confides in an interview with France tvslash : “This is an artist that I like a lot. I wanted it to be in ‘Gentleman 2.0’, but it has not been able to capture time in a question of planning. When I called back to ‘POA’, he said yes immediately (…) This is the last sound that I finished before the album.” The singer has managed to invite Nekfeu on Pair of Aces to talk about their journey.

A feat surprising with Koba LaD

With TPB, Koba Fda and the interpreter of Christina surprise : the users referred to this collaboration as unexpectedly when the two artists have teasé their duo. Surprisingly, both of their styles work fairly well, they have managed to find a middle ground for us to offer a his urban and pop without forgetting the punchlines cash from the rapper : “My Beyoncé, she sucks the b*te, nigga / It makes me the best massage, her ass is just big all round, like the world, ( … ) Malin for all the world say, that we two it is fluid, like Jay-Z, Beyoncé / But you’re not Beyoncé, you’re not, you’re not Beyoncé.

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