Dadju takes “If it were enough just to love” by Celine Dion to celebrate the New Year

Dadju resume “If it were enough just to love” from Celine Dion for the show, “The French Song festival 31”.

Tuesday, 31 December 2019, we will be in 2020 at midnight. To celebrate the new year, France 2 will broadcast a show exceptional called “The French song festival 31”. On this occasion, many singers will be present. Dadju resume for example a huge tube of Celine Dion : If there was enough to love.

Dadju resumes If it was sufficient to love

After having recently unveiled the music video for TPB, featuring with Koba LaD, Dadju back Celine Dion. Yes, the talent of the brother of GIMS has no boundaries, it touches to all styles of music. Which tube of the quebec diva the singer has decided to interpret ? If it were enough just to love. A love song of worship that the artist has resumed on the occasion of the filming of the program The French song festival 31. It will be broadcasted on Tuesday 31 December 2019 from 21h05 on France 2.

With the release of his album “Poison or Antidote” November 18, 2019, Dadju knows a huge success. This new opus, the result of “Gentleman 2.0” is already certified gold. Titles Complicated and My life are a part of the tubes of the time. This was in addition to the career mode of the businessman who became an ambassador for BoohooMAN and especially designer for the brand. Decidedly, Dadju is everywhere.

A show placed under the sign of the show

The French song festival 31 has been turned in an exceptional setting, namely the Dome of the Cirque de Paname. An incredible place with not less than 2500 people in the audience, and on stage, there will be 50 dancers, 30 vocalists and a live orchestra. Also count on the troupe of the Cirque de Paname, le Paradis Latin, Moulin Rouge and the Opera Locos for you to spend an unforgettable evening. The program ? Of the aerobatic, special effects worthy of Hollywood and a count of the passage in 2020 under a curtain of water in 3D.

A place to die for so, for a show special, all orchestrated by a trio of animators shock : Faustine Bollaert, Daphne Bürki and Sophie Davant. The program will also offer you to listen to the most beautiful songs of the year, discover duos new and you ambiancer on the greatest hits of the years 1960, 1970, 1980 and 1990.

On the side of the guests also, there will be the star per square meter between Dadju, but also Soprano, Shy’m, Kendji Girac, Christophe Maé, Vitaa and Slimane, Julien Clerc, Claudio Capeo, Kids United, Maëlle, Garou, Larusso, Dany Brillant, K. Maro, Clara Luciani, Enrico Macias… in Short, you will long remember your evening of new year’s eve !

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