Dali, “the happiness bar” for Sophie Williams

Dali, « du bonheur en barre » pour Sophie Williams

When everything seems to crumble around Sophie Williams with a diagnosis of cancer, the implementation plan a tour and containment, he still has the love for a dog, and resilience.

Sophie Williams, a kindergarten teacher at Limoilou, is also a writer, composer and performer in his prime.

It takes a year sabbatical from teaching (2019-2020) to launch his first album, Motel.

She saw a fall helter-skelter : the launch of the album in November, preparing a tour for the summer, writing the second album, etc

Things are going well for her and, yet, everything is going to change quickly…

The love of animals

Sophie Williams loves animals, but hates dogs. At Christmas, her brother arrived with his puppy, Duddy.

“I discovered this little dog, intelligent, who learns quickly, and told me the teacher on a sabbatical, and I fell in love ! “It then goes to the keep a few times. “When he is home, it is the feast,” says Ms. Williams. “Charlotte, my daughter-in-law, and me, we was close together. Take care of the dog has enabled us to develop a complicity. ”

The idea of having a dog begins to make its way into his head.

At the beginning of the year 2020, something is not right.

In February, the diagnosis falls : cancer of the breast. She will have to undergo chemotherapy, then possibly surgery followed by radiation therapy. It is a shock, a bomb…

She puts a cross on the tour. His doctor tells him that she will not return no longer teach in the fall. The idea of having a dog is more net.

“I need therapy “, she says.

“I’ll be home alone during the day and I need company, but I told myself that I had to wait to see how it would go with the treatments before adopting. ”

Comes at the right time

His treatments are started at the same time that the containment…

After several sessions, she sees that she will be able to take care of a dog. Then she contacts Céline, the breeder, at which his brother got Duddy. This lady told him that her daughter had a very serious cancer when she was young, and that she is out, among other things, thanks to the presence of his dog.

The two women sympathize. The breeder seeks, and finds him a little bitch.

This will be the bitch that she will eventually adopt. She calls, Dali, simply because she loves the painters and was charmed by the television series, Spanish The house of paper.

Little bitch born on 6 April 2020, a mix of pug and maltese, Dali arrived at the point in the life of Sophie Williams.

“This is perfect, because I’m at home constantly to do his education,” says the new owner, which is subscribed to by the master’s hand, a group of educators canine that is of the training. It even follows a course of kindergarten for puppy online, COVID-19 requires.

“It takes a lot of consistency and attention to educate a puppy and it fits me well, because I am a teacher,” she said.

“Dali, it is happiness in the bar,” she says. It takes me back into the present moment, to the pleasure of seeing the sun rising and hear the birds singing during our walks early in the morning. ”

She has also discovered the joy of napping with a dog that snuggles close to her.

“Dali makes me think of something other than the cancer,” says the one who has decided to write chronic resilience its page on Facebook where you can see it in the company of his dog Dali.

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